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Space for collaboration, cogenerataion and development of technology

based business opportunites between Europe and Latin America

The USP Innovation Agency is one of the nodes in Brazil the ELAN network. ELAN brings together key European and Latin American research and innovation actors (R&I), who promote technology based transformation processes and economic growth, in order to:

  • Promote the generation of technology based business opportunities between European and Latin American SMEs, enhancing R&D results with a business model that responds to market demands.
  • Promote the exchange of knowledge, technology transfer and co-creation processes to foster the competitiveness of SMEs and an equitable and sustainable socio‐economic development.
  • Accompany innovative SMEs in their efforts to transfer technology to new geographical markets.

The ELAN Network is focused on the following sectors:

• Renewable Energies • Biotechnology& Bioeconomy • Environmental Technologies • Health • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) • Nanotechnologies • New Materials


USP Agency of Innovation and the ELAN network.

Contact: elan@usp.br

More information, visit www.elannetwork.org